my hands



I designed My Hands as a tribute to the dedication and craftsmanship required to create it.

In the hands of the maker, the wood gradually takes shape through repetition, careful attention to detail and a respect for this natural material. The finished piece is a physical embodiment of these qualities. The installation is highly personal, made to fit the measurements of myself, using the golden ratio – used since ancient times to achieve balance and beauty in art and architecture. The custom woodwork is a stand  against the modern tide of mass-produced furniture.

Inspired by old Dutch work songs, I wrote my own work song about the process.


Borneostraat 7 II

1094 CE Amsterdam

(+31) 617339008



August 2017

Presented graduation project at René Smeets Award in Eindhoven.


june 2017

Graduated Cum Laude from

Design Academy Eindhoven.




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