5 elements



Our skin is our most sensitive organ.

Our bodies might age over time, maybe even show some defect.

But our desire for human touch remains.

FIVE ELEMENTS is a massage set that inspires aging people to experience a sensual sex life.

It helps to stimulate the senses and therefore our entire sensuality.


The five elements: Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water

are used to characterize the different stages of TAO massage.

Each element stimulates another sensation to the skin by using different shapes and materials.


‘‘The Path’’ or ‘‘The Flow’’ are some ways to describe what TAO means.

FIVE ELEMENTS embraces the Taoism by shifting sexuality to sensuality,

and by letting the journey be the reward.


The FIVE ELEMENTS are set out on a centerpiece with basin.

The decanter standing on top of the basin can be filled with warm water,

allowing to fill the basin and preheat the massage objects.


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August 2017

Presented graduation project at René Smeets Award in Eindhoven.


june 2017

Graduated Cum Laude from

Design Academy Eindhoven.




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