Without devotion no mastery my master in carpentry used to teach me. In the craft of woodworking it ment to serve the material and to dedicate myself to the process of making.

Friso Wiersma (1989) graduated cum laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Man and Well- being. His outlook on design is grounded in his experience as a maker. He worked as a woodworker, a boatbuilder and a cabinetmaker. As a designer and maker devotion reflects in his willing to serve not only material but also the people that he designs for. His outlook on design is grounded in his experience as a maker. Virtuoso skills are not what makes a master craftsman, but rather the ability to be led by the material and the degree to which he can communicate the values embedded in this perspective on his craft.


All his projects embody this focus on communicating the human value of craftsmanship.They also show my take on the future: not the actual work in the workshop but the connection of the values embedded in this craft to other fields is central to my objectives. The embodied values of attention, intimacy, physicality and human scale are applicable in education, stage designs, facilities of physical and mental health care and exhibition design.


Borneostraat 7 II

1094 CE Amsterdam

(+31) 617339008



August 2017

Presented graduation project at René Smeets Award in Eindhoven.


june 2017

Graduated Cum Laude from

Design Academy Eindhoven.




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